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The Ultimate Dietary Fat Absorber!

Fat Loss Supplement - contains a unique blend of LipoSanULTRA (Chitosan) and Vitamin C. Both of those ingredients have a unique purpose as a Fat Burner and Fat Blocker.

"Fat Eliminator" is the solution for people that are serious about their diet. Its ingredients (LipoSan ULTRA-Chitosan) have been proven in laboratory tests to absorb up to 300% more fat than any other natural dietary fat absorber on the market. Even the healthiest dieters cheat a little here and there. So go ahead and eat your Pizza or that Cheeseburger and Fries, but take your "Fat Eliminator" when you do. And don't absorb the Fat......Eliminate it.
Today, more than a million people worldwide use Chitosan Fat Loss Supplements. Fat Eliminator is a natural, safe and effective supplement that has shown to significantly reduce the absorption of dietary fats.
Fat Blocker  - One Gram Prevents Absorption of Up to 27 Grams

In order for "Fat Eliminator" to absorb fat in the stomach, it first must be in a solution. Regular chitosan dissolves very slowly, under minimal agitation that occurs in the stomach. "Fat Eliminator" has been shown in scientific literature to have potent fat binding characteristics that prevent fat absorption into the bloodstream. "Fat Eliminator" is available in the stomach to absorb or emulsify dietary fat during the course of digestion. When the contacts move to the upper small intestine, the acid conditions are neutralized and the emulsion of "Fat Eliminator" and fat forms a gel. That gel traps the fat, protecting it from enzymes, which prevent fats from being absorbed by the intestine. Laboratory data shows that one (1) gram of Fat Eliminator is able to prevent the absorption of up to twenty seven (27) grams of dietary fats, in comparison to six (6) to eight (8) grams of fat for regular chitosan.

Ephedrine Free Fat Burner

LipoSan Ultra (Natural Chitosan) - "Fat Eliminator" contains a revolutionary form of chitosan called LipoSan Ultra. Chitosan's abilities as a natural fat binder have been known and used for years. It can literally bind with dietary fats making them non-absorbable, thus allowing our bodies to pass them through instead of storing them as fat. Chitosan has proved to be very successful in aiding people with their weight loss by controlling their dietary fat intake.

Best Fat Burner - Can Be Consumed Immediately Prior to the  Meal Unlike Others 
LipoSan Ultra dissolves and is ready to work in less than one (1) minute. This allows you to take it when you sit down to eat instead of an hour before. Because the LipoSan Ultra in "Fat Eliminator" absorbs up to 300% more dietary fat, taking only one to two (1 - 2) capsules at lunch and dinner is more effective than taking four to eight (4 - 8) capsules of other fat absorbing products. Plus, you will get no stomach irritation with "Fat Eliminator". Previously, there were two inherent problems. Chitosan took over an hour to become fully soluble in stomach acid, making it ineffective if you did not remember to take it an hour before your meal. You also had to take up to eight (8) capsules of chitosan before each meal. This, of course, was to many capsules for people to take on a regular basis without experiencing stomach irritation.

How Fat Eliminator Achieves Results
  • "Fat Eliminator" is a safe and effective weight-loss agent when used in conjunction with a responsible diet.
  • In the digestive system "Fat Eliminator" attracts and binds to the negatively charged molecules such as fats, fatty acids and bile salts.
  • Because "Fat Eliminator" is a soluble fiber that is not digested by the human metabolism, non-digested fats are prevented from being absorbed by the body. "Fat Eliminator" binds to the fatty substances, and is naturally secreted by the body.
Quality Control

Vanson LipoSanULTRA is made in the United States by combining high quality raw materials and 20 years of manufacturing experience. Each batch of LipoSanULTRA produced is thoroughly analyzed. Additionally, our Fat Loss dietary supplement and pharmaceutical grade material is analyzed by independent laboratories for microbiological activity and heavy metal content.

Independent analysis methods are based on the following:
  • Guaranteed efficacy: All batches satisfy a minimum fat binding specification of 50 grams bound per gram of LipoSanULTRA
  • Consistent tapped density: 0.5 to 0.6 g/cc
  • Reliable analysis procedures including: AOAC and EPA standard test methods
Clinical Studies

A recent placebo-controlled, double-blinded trial using "Fat Eliminator" conducted for 8 weeks, demonstrated mean weight, body mass index (BMI), and perfect body fat increased in the placebo group as compared to baseline; additionally, percent lean body mass decreased significantly in placebo group. Within the treatment group, both mean weight and BMI decreased significantly compared to baseline over the 8-week period. In contrast to the placebo group, which experienced a mean weight gain of 1.5 kg over 8-week period, the mean weight loss in treatment group was 1.0 kg over the same period.

A recent placebo-controlled, double-controlled, double blind trial of Chitosan conducted for six months showed a significantly higher body weight loss and a decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure in the Chitosan supplement group compared to the placebo. The mean body weight decrease and body fat decrease was 16.9 kg and 12.3 kg respectively. A meta-analysis study evaluating a number of published randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind trials of Chitosan results in a significantly greater weight loss compared with the placebo.

In 1995 study, Scuitto reported that overweight subjects treated with hypocaloric diet plus 4 tablets of Chitosan each day showed a weight reduction or 10.4%, compared to 3.8% in the placebo group. Arterial systolic pressure reduction was 21.1 mm Hg in the Chitosan treated group, compared to 2.8 mm Hg in the placebo group. Similarly, Giustina reported both increased weight loss, and significantly greater reduction in systolic and diastolic arterial pressure and respiratory rates in subjects treated with Chitosan, as compared to a placebo-treated control group.

In 1994 study at Ars Medicina in Helsinki, Finland, researchers reported a remarkable capacity of L-112, Natural Nutrition's proprietary chitosan supplement foundation, to bind fat in the stomach and intestines and lower serum lipids, cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as increased HDL cholesterol levels. This study revealed an effect that was almost 100% better than a control group treated with a placebo, after two weeks.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules, Servings Per Bottle: 60

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